High! We’re excited to share a straightforward hybrid hydroponic system that will simply help you grow exceptional plants.

A self-watering hybrid hydroponic system a system that combines deep water culture and ebb and flow for amazing results.

Combining two well know hydroponic methods, our hybrid system the ultimate growing system to own if you want a simple, low maintenance hydroponic system that grows healthy plants all the way to harvest.

At first glance, our hydroponic system looks like many deep water culture systems that are out on the market.

Our starter four plant system features four, one-gallon grow-buckets that are routed to a five-gallon reservoir utilizing standard irrigation supplies.

When the five-gallon bucket is filled with a nutrient solution, the laws of physics take over and the solution flows to the grow-buckets. In hydroponic terms, the plant is in a deep water culture state.

However, this is where the similarities end and the root magic begins.

Root Health

An inline water pump is tapped in between the plants and the reservoir. When activated via a cycle-timer, the pump draws the nutrient solution from both the grow-buckets and the reservoir and is flowed back to the reservoir.

This process continues until the grow-buckets are drained, and the roots are exposed, soaking up the air all while the nutrient solution is getting recirculated and aerated. This helps prevent root rot while providing the roots with more than adequate oxygen, which is the secret to the explosive vegetative growth associated with deep water culture hydroponics.

Over time a natural watering process is simulated, milking the roots as they get submerged in the nutrient solution and aerating them out, and then slowly rehydrated as the nutrient solution slowly returns via gravity once the pump is powered off. This would be the ebb and flow effect.

As the plant matures the root ball extends down into the grow bucket increasing the plants growing capacity.

You’ll get the idea if you watch our Instagram video below.

Root Milking

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The Wick

Our system benefits from Rockwool. Just not too much of it. Rockwool is an amazing wick. However, it’s costly to purchase large cubes for every grow-cycle. Our system receives all the benefits of Rockwool while only using a 2″x2″ cube per plant. Nutrients and electricity cost aside; it costs less than 30 cents per plant each harvest cycle. E.g., a four plant crop would use 4 cubes, thereby expending one dollar.

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DWC style hydroponics for commercial ventures? We think so. Up until now the performance you would get from a full blow RDWC is expensive. Very expensive. Just google around.

The Implications

Our system is cheap. Especially if we don’t make it for you. We are happy to consult, however, and are actively seeking some commercial growth test opportunities. (send email to [email protected])