What is microdosing?

Microdosing involves the intake of smaller amounts of cannabis, giving the user the same benefits of THC without the psychoactive experience that a “high” can deliver. Although the term microdosing can hold a negative connotation with its typical association with other psychoactive drugs, the benefits of cannabis microdosing are actually quite high and are slowly becoming increasingly legal and more mainstream across America. Contenders have highlighted the benefit that microdosing suppresses the craving to constantly use cannabis products to get “high”. Often times, a high dose of cannabis is the culprit to feeling lethargic, tired, prone to snacking, and paranoid or anxious. Microdosing can help a user to avoid all of these issues, and is arguably the most efficient way to achieve the maximum benefits associated with cannabis.

Medical professionals such as doctors also support this approach to incorporating cannabis into your lifestyle, as using smaller dosages instead of higher ones allows for more sustainable and long-lasting effects in your body. A study done by a research center at the University of California has provided the evidence that lower doses do provide benefits for medical issues such as neuropathic pain. For consumers looking for an approach to alleviate pain without medical interference or side effects, this study proves that “even at low doses, (cannabis) may present an effective option for patients with treatment-resistant neuropathic pain”.

Recommendations to begin:

In microdosing, “the goal is to use the dose that gives the most minimal noticeable effect” (Dustin Sulak, osteopath). Everyone will be different depending on your tolerance to THC, and whether you are attempting to build up your tolerance or decrease it.

For consumers that are just beginning or do not often use cannabis, we recommend using a 1:1 ratio of 1 mg THC to 1 mg CBD. For consumers that frequently use cannabis, begin experimenting with small doses. It will be surprising how much a small dosage will still effect your body, even if your tolerance is built up. While beginning, it is important to stay observant as to how your body reacts. In deciding how much of a product to take, we recommend waiting approximately 20-60 minutes in between doses to determine whether you feel any noticeable effects, depending on the type of strain or product you are consuming. Be patient! Taking more cannabis than you need to may not provide the all of the benefits that you are capable of receiving.

When deciding what time of the day you should microdose, factor in a few things; some find it most helpful to microdose when they go to busy places surrounded by other people such as work or public or are in situations that can cause anxiety or stress. It is beneficial to log what times a user experiences the most stress and keep track of how micro-dosing can prove to be the most beneficial. Trial and error are significant when choosing the right game plan for you since everybody reacts differently to cannabis products.

What products should I use?

Any cannabis products will work to microdose, but some are easier to use than others. It’s recommended to use products in an edible, tincture, or oil form for easier monitoring of how much cannabis you are consuming at a time.

In these forms of cannabis, you can measure out a dosage much easier than to smoke your product. As each body reacts differently, it is recommended to test various options to see how you respond to a low dose of cannabis in an edible vs. a tincture form (etc.).

However, if smoking is your thing, head over to Etsy and looks around at one-hitters. One-hitters are actually the perfect way to microdose, in many opinions.

Luckily, there is a multitude of products on the market now to assist with micro-dosing. The assortment of gummies produced by PLUS has been trendy in the edible world, as there are multiple options in product ratio and flavors. Dr. Raw formulates a balm with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD that is perfect for micro-dosing in the form of reducing muscle or nerve pain. Select also creates tinctures such as this one that is popular for their calming and anti-anxiety effects for discreet everyday use.

The popularity of micro-dosing is increasing each day as people understand how discreetly using cannabis can help them in a plethora of ways. Let us know if you will be trying any of these methods soon.

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