Speed Hydro Indoor/Outdoor Hydroponic Multiflow Grow System

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Product Description

All systems include

  • Reservoir suitable for No. of Plant grows sites. All systems ship inside their reservoir. 4-Plant system ships discreetly in a boxed 5-gallon bucket.
  • Distribution tubing and fittings. Drilled, inserted, and ready for final assembly. Less than 20 minute setup time.
  • In-line water pump to recirculate nutrients and air out the root system
  • Simple instructions that make the growing process easy.
  • enough tubing to run the reservoir away from a typically warmer grow environment. (nutrients won’t heat up under grow lights)
  • Helpful growing tips including nutrient and light experiences, setup tips, etc in an easy Ikea to read format.
  • Each system will be built to order. Please expect 2 weeks for delivery. (Plan your grow room, grab some seeds, if not already done.)

Don’t want to buy it from us. No sweat. Below is a list of parts we used.

Head over here for a system diagram. Links may be affilate.